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Wannabe Press

We write for the rebels. Rebels that are obsessed with pop culture and question everything, especially authority. Punks, emo kids, goths, nerds, geeks, outlaws, bandits, and rebels, these are our tribe. People that grew up outside the system until that system realized it was "cool" to be like them, as if we did it because it was cool. Our tribe doesn't move to the back of the bus. They burned their bras and have never seen a protest they didn't like. They stand up for what's right even when it's unpopular. They don't care what anybody else thinks. We demand to be entertained as much as we want to think deeply about real issues that matter. We want our stories to have a message, but we want that message hidden under a thick layer of action and fun. We find humor in the dark places of the world. The darker the better. The more humor the better. We want to shine light in the dark corners and show there's humor there too, in the places we're not supposed to go.